Skopos is an open-source API monitoring tool that enables developers to test multi-step API workflows in sequence and independent workflows in parallel.

Skopos lets you test multi-step API workflows either on demand or according to a schedule and get notified about any failures, making it easy to keep an eye on API workflows and respond quickly when things go wrong.


Other Projects


An app to filter and display info about routes flown by several large airlines. Built with Node.js, React, and Redux.


An e-commerce shopping cart app with a database backend. Built with Node.js/Express, React, MongoDB, and containerized with Docker.


A RequestBin-like application for receiving and inspecting HTTP webhooks. Built with Node.js, React, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, a Digital Ocean Droplet, and Nginx.


A contacts manager application. Built with Node.js, Express.js, and PostgreSQL.

About me

I was born and raised in New England and the Midwest, but for most of my life I’ve called the Pacific Northwest my home.

I’m an optimistic, diligent, and curious individual, and I’m fascinated by how technology is changing the world and disrupting industries. I come from a varied background including both history studies and law enforcement, so I really appreciate understanding fundamentals and digging into the deep ‘why’ behind ‘why’ we are doing something. I consider myself a strong communicator both in person and in writing, and I’m able to adapt my technical language to suit my audience. I also have experience working in a remote environment across different time zones with cross-functional teams. Lastly, I hold a growth mindset, so I’m always striving to learn and improve, and I gladly welcome feedback.